We want to help Ukrainians spend less on energy sources

Growing prices for gas and tariffs for electricity, heating, hot water supply; radiators that are becoming cooler and cooler; coal and firewood are more and morecostly. This is a present-day reality of the Ukrainian people.


How can one afford a warm home for a comfortable and healthy life of the family? How do we create a comfortable working environment for employees? How do we make schools and kindergartens warmer? How can we pay less for energy an electricity but have better living conditions?


There are plenty of solutions. More or less effective; those that are suitable for a private house and those that will work better in apartment blocks. Those which are a best-fit for an industrial building or an office or those which are to be implemented in schools and child-care facilities. Those specific to lighting or heating. Those advised by a neighbor, and others – about which they tell on TV.


How do we figure this all out? How can you choose the very best solution for you? How can you avoid wasting money and getting seduced by a very bright advertisement from a fairly reputable company, or by a recommendation from a ‘very trustworthy’ foreman?


This website is created for all of us. You will be able to find here useful materials on energy saving in premises and rational energy use, pieces of advice on how to save on your utilities bills , what are the benefits and disadvantages of transfer to renewable energy sources, what technologies and solutions are implemented in Ukraine and worldwide. But what is MOST ESSENTIALis that  this website is to become a platform for exchanging experience and information between all of us.


This online resource is a platform for discussion and exchange of experience. We are open to post any information provided by you if it relates to the issues of heating and energy saving, and if it is validated by the EXPERT REVIEW. We guarantee that at this website we will not post the sketches of a continuously operating machine or any tips on how to increase your radiators temperature by painting them in certain color. All information on this website will be verified by professionals and you will see only those materials, which will successfully pass the expert review. The website will not contain any commercials, neither will it screen any paid information. All materials validated by the expert review will be posted with reference to the source and author.